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Just ordered a zephyr bluetooth heart rate strap
I Just ordered a bluetooth zephyr heart rate strap. Hopefully will get a quick integration to the app with current,average,lowest,higest heart rate in the next month or so. then back to the android developement and redo of the blackberry version which should include these values and also a detailed history and graph of heart rate, and also some user settings that’ll help to better calculate calories and max/min heart rate zones.

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GPSpeedOMeter submitted to AppWorld
GPSpeedOMeter eventually submitted to Blackberry AppWorld after a number of months sitting in MobiHand Stores. Hopefully available soon (It can take Blackberry a number of weeks to accept a new app to its store).

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GPSpeedOMeter coming soon to Android
I just bought my first android phone, so expect to see an android version of GPSpeedOMeter coming out soon, register your interest or become a beta tester by emailing info@GPSpeedOMeter.com.

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